My Cat Grass Sponsors Burmese Cat Club Virtual Show 2020

My Cat Grass are pleased to announce their sponsorship of the Burmese Cat Club Virtual Show 2020!

Virtual cat club shows really help to keep the cat club community thriving in these difficult times so we’re really proud to be involved. The usual pedigree classes and the addition of a further 8 fun classes means there’s a class for every cat. Entrance is free and simple – just post a photo of your cat in the comments section of the class post – so everyone can get involved from the safety of their own home”

Bleu Stessia, Founder and Director of My Cat Grass a brand of Indoor Cat Ltd

My Cat Grass are donating prizes to the winners of over 20 classes, Best In Show and Show Managers Special Class. My Cat Grass are offering winners the chance to win Premium Cat Grass Seed Pouches, Grow Your Own Kits and a Ready Grown Cat Grass Trial Box – with overnight delivery, worth over £165.00 in prizes. The classes included in the usual pedigree classes are:

Class 1 Brown Burnese
Class 2 Bleu Burmese
Class 3 Chocolate Burmese
Class 4 Lilac Burmese
Class 5 Red Burmese
Class 6 Cream Burmese
Class 7 Brown-Tortie Burmese
Class 8 Blue-Tortie Burmese
Class 9 Chocolate-Tortie Burmese
Class 10 Lilac -Tortie Burmese
Class 11 Pedigree Pet
Class 12 Non-Pedigree Pet
The pedigree classes available to enter at the show

However what makes this show fun and more engaging for entrants is the fact you can enter a whole host of fun classes including:

Class 13 Cat or Kitten with GCCF
Class 14 Cat Or Kitten Owned by Senior Citizen
Class 15 Any Burmese Lookalike
Class 16 Group Photo of 3+ Cats
Class 17 Outdoor Photo of cat or kitten
Class 18 Cat or Kitten with another animal
Class 19 Rainbow Bridge Cat
Class 20 Any Re-homed Burmese
the fun classes you can enter at the Burmese Cat Club Virtual Show 2020

If you don’t feel like taking part but want to see hundreds of beautiful Burmese and pet cats then join the group here and you too can become an armchair judge.

My Cat Grass a brand of Indoor Cat is proud to support cat clubs and owners during the pandemic. We support this safe approach to keeping cat fanciers involved in their cat clubs activities by engaging them in their passion for their cats online.

The cat show runs between the 7th of 14th of October 2020 and you can join the facebook groupto take part or just watch these beautiful cats here:

Burmese Cat Club Virtual Show 2020