My Cat Grass Sponsors 3 Day UK Virtual Cat Show are proud to announce sponsorship of the 3 Day UK Virtual Cat Show.

 “We love the fact that despite these difficult times this show has brought people together to share their passion for cats in a unique way”, Bleu Stessia, My Cat Grass.

Bleu Stessia –  Indoor Cat, Managing Director.

Offering over £300 worth of prizes in over 11 show classes and Best In Show, My Cat Grass aim to use this opportunity to promote the brand as well as educate cat owners about the essential need of cats to have access to a safe source of plant matter.

The show runs for three days and entrants compete in fun classes like best sleeping cat, cat in most awkward position and cat into something they shouldn’t be! If you wish to take part you can join the show held virtually over Facebook here:

My Cat Grass is the UK’s only pet food grade supplier of Ready Grown, Grow Your Own Kits and Premium Seed Pouches. Cats need a safe source of cat grass to display their innate behaviour to eat plant matter. To find out more visit

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